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Happy Holidays

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter break. Levi and I made use of our time off together going to the easter show, riding the Loftus tram with family – which incidentally ticked a ‘must do before I die’ box and having a fantastic easter egg hunt in the garden. It was great.

So I’m still reading, but clearly not writing. I’ve been in an unproductive rut these last few weeks, but bear with me people, I will get there, promise. Until then, here’s some photo’s.

Jade xo

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It’s been a busy week. The arrival of Tristan Ryan came, my new nephew, born perfect and beautiful to excited parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles and my first week of teaching prac. I’m at my old High School of all places, which was my secret desire amd has turned out really well. My supervising teaching is my old year 12 English teacher and has thrown me right in the deep end, planning and teaching her year 7 and 9 class for the next two weeks. It’s scary and great all at the same time. I have to do it at some point, and I figure some hard work now will pay off when I’m teaching on my own next year.  So it’s exciting times. Obviously the busier I get the harder it is to manage this book a week goal, but I’m still dedicated and hope that someone out there is benefiting from my reviews.  And remember I love comments – they keep me motivated, so I’d love to hear from you. Wishing all my readers the very best for the week to come. xoxo

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