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I have loved reading for as long as I can remember. As a little girl my books were most treasured possessions and bed time, with its accompanying stories was always highly anticipated. Since the moment the knowledge was mine that it was likely I would have to work some day (what an unfortunate realisation!), I have wanted nothing more than to work someway, somehow with my first love...books. I remember suggesting to my family that I could be the person who writes the blurbs on the back (too hard to figure out how you get that job!). I progressed to thinking perhaps I would be the lady who reads children stories in the library, eat cookies all day and have an array of fairytale hats (no doubt I'd become too soft and round!). Later came the idea that book publishing would be juuust right. And so, for the past 10 years of my life I have been certain that one day all my dreams would come true and I would land 'The' job. Well lots of my dreams have come true. I graduated university with a degree in Journalism and another in English Literature. I served a mission for the church. I married my best friend in the temple, my very own Gilbert Blythe. But my little dream of working in publishing has thus far eluded me (bears in the form of HR personnel blocking the way!) So I find myself starting to try the beds out all over again. A latent idea recently resurfaced inspiring me to apply to do the one year of study that would qualify me as a High School English Teacher and in a week I'll know if I've been accepted into the course...fingers crossed. So life is at the crossroads and beginning this little blog is a lovely way to remind myself where the love of books began and what it's all about.

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